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Marbella Eiendom AS which is based in Oslo, Norway, was established in January 2000, and sells villas and apartments in the Marbella-area in the south of Spain (particularly Mijas to Estepona). We also offer large plots to be developed. Marbella Eiendom is run by staff who have extensive knowledge of Marbella after 25 years in the area. We have a good network within the real estate business on the Costa del Sol, and have chosen Kristina Szekely Real Estate as our main partner because of their professionalism, size, quality, high level of service and long term focus.

In our database, we have more than 2000 second-hand properties and over 100 apartment projects. The database contains villas and apartments from EUR 200.000 to some of the most exclusive properties found in the Marbella area. If you are looking for something special where money is not the most important issue, we will most likely find it for you. Check our database to view a selection of the properties we offer.

We also cooperate with the largest builder on the coast north and south of Barcelona , Casa Daurada, where we sell quality projects on Costa Brava og Costa Dorada.

In co-operation with our Spanish partner, we will guide our clients safely through the entire purchasing process. We focus on service and quality, and offer a number of services, which our buyers receive free of charge. This is because it is the seller who pays the sales commission to the real estate agent.

Our services include the following:
  • Property search: Access to our database of superb properties and guidance in the selection of properties. It is important to give us as much information as possible about the property you are looking for. Think of your most important criteria and tell us anything you might desire. Therefore, fill in our questionnaire, and e-mail it to us. If you have friends who are looking for properties in Marbella, feel free to use our Recommend Us feature on the Home page or e-mail to us their name and address. We will then send them information.
  • Inspection trip: We tailor inspection trips to our clients. If you make an appointment with us within a week of your departure to Spain, one of our 50 salespeople will show you the Marbella area and the best real estate Marbella can offer. The salesperson will be dedicated to you during your entire stay, and could take you from and to the airport. If needed, we will accommodate you in a hotel near our main office in Puerto Banus at discounted prices. If you do not find a property during your visit, we will, if you wish, keep you posted about new properties on the market, which could match your criteria.
  • Transaction processing: If you buy a property, one of our excellent lawyers will take care of the practicalities, and will take full responsibility of the transaction with respect to the Spanish authorities. The buyer, however, will account for the lawyer's fee. Our lawyers will also be able to find the answers to all your legal questions regarding settlement and ownership structure. See our general info page for a detailed description of the purchasing process and the costs involved in purchasing and owning a property in Marbella.
  • Rental service: We have a rental service where we offer to rent out our clients' properties when these are available. The price for this service is 15% of the rent, which is a standard price in Marbella. The property owner must also pay 16% tax on the rental income. Renting out your property is a good way of covering the fixed costs of owning the property. In the high season (from June to October), a rental income of EUR 1.000 to 2.000 could be achieved on a property in a good location and high standard. It will not take many weeks before the operating costs on the property are covered. Do not hesitate to ask us for this service.
  • Loan Facilitation: We can provide loan facilities at favourable rates in Spanish banks up to 80% of the purchasing price with security in the purchased property.
  • Other services: Through our partner Kristina Szekely Real Estate, we could arrange for gardeners, security, maid services, craftsmen, the best of health personnel, help with decoration and refurbishing, furniture purchase, and questions to the Spanish authorities. We help our clients with mostly everything, and do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. To us, a client is equally important before and after the purchase. Our service focus mirrors this fact.

Our Partner - Kristina Szekely Real Estate
Kristina Szekely Real Estate, with main office in Puerto Banus, is the biggest and oldest real estate company in the Marbella area, and has offered quality homes since 1965. Guzman Real Estate StaffThey offer apartments from EUR 200.000 and upwards to large exclusive mansions. Szekely has 6 offices in the Marbella area, and has associate agencies in America, Middle East, and throughout Europe, including Marbella Eiendom in Oslo, Norway, which is targeting Scandinavian and English speaking clients.

Kristina Szekely Real Estate has more than 60 employees with 50 salespeople speaking most main languages. The company founder, Kristina Szekely, is a very well respected lady in the Marbella society. Her good reputation is a major reason for the leading position the company has achieved in Marbella real estate, and a contributing factor that Szekely obtains the privilege to sell some of Marbella's most exclusive and finest properties. Long term focus, quality, and service are key elements in the culture of the company, which is celebrating 35 years of business this year. It is most likely that this will not be the last anniversary.

Advice on the selection of real estate partner when buying a property
There are many agents and real estate companies offering properties on the Costa del Sol, and some are more professional than others. Therefore, it is equally important to select a good agent as it is to find the right property. To get good service and selection in an apparent jungle of properties, we advice you to use a resourceful and large real estate agent. Marbella Eiendom and Kristina Szekely Real Estate have the resources, which enable our clients to find a quality property in a secure manner. Great property selection, expert knowledge of the market, motivated local salespeople, excellent lawyers, and after-sales service have been and are solid reasons to choose us as your partner. Thousands of European property buyers have already shown that our services are coveted.

It is also important to acknowledge that it is the seller of the property who pays the agent. Hence, buyers get our services free of charge. It might, therefore, not pay to directly approach the project seller or homeowner because most likely you would have to arrange most of the practicalities yourself (lawyers, public authorities etc). We will take care of this for you so you only have to worry about finding the right property, which meets all your demands.


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